Thursday, January 9, 2014

So What's the Difference Between A Republican and a Democrat?

The sad thing is that Teri Salvador AKA PoliticolNews still doesn't know.

DogHealth1, PoliticolNews First Website

Teri Salvador had several websites besides PoliticolNews, among them was doghealth1. Though Sarah Smyth was listed as the owner, it's another alias of the registered owner, Teri Salvador.  Also registered to Teri was a natural health website, on this website the editor was Sarah "Smythers".

When you land on the doghealth1 site, most of the page links have been disconnected and don't work. You have to google pages individually.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Obama Envy’s the Canadian Banking System ~~And Teri Salvador creates a new word

This blog was posted by Canadian, Teri Salvador as "politicol" on Feb 19 2009 on blogger before she moved to and became Peter Neisman. It was copied "As Is", all mispellings and grammar are hers, as are the conspiracy theories.

President Obama’s trip to Canada will be short but there are great clues he may learn to fixing the US economy which is due to the reckless disregard of banking lending and monetary regulations.

The stimulus package is not received well by Americans because the money is being put back in the hands of the sleazy lenders that cooked up the derivative scheme which began with AIG and spread like a cancer throughout the world lending systems.

All countries who were tinged by these loans had trusted that the US banking system was solid or at least stable and to this day this has not been revised. Until President Obama instills confidence in the banking system by nationalizing the banks this instability will continue to plague the lending market. The Canadian model of banking owned by the government did not sustain the hit the US banks took and are in a stronger state of economic well being during this recession. Lending has tightened but people can still get loans, only you have to prove you have the income to pay for it.
If an American went to buy a house 4 years ago, or 20 years ago for that matter all that would be produced for evidence of income is two weeks pay stubs and not much more. There was very little attention to the credit worthiness of the borrower because the loans were sold off after they were negotiated. That is the key to the problem since in Canada you have the same lender pretty much throughout the life of the loan. In the US they trade loans like hockey cards bubble gum wrappers and somehow they pass these bad loans off to the last sucker that buys them.

President Obama would have loved to inherit a banking system such as the Canadian banking system where all the major banks are governed with regulations that report, and are audited by the Canadian government. So what is wrong with that, don’t Americans want some stability with their money at some point? The lessons learned are that you cannot toss the banking system billions of dollars for corrupt behavior and expect different results! They will abuse the system again and again and again until the government takes them over and regulates financial institutions. Insurance companies were also involved in the scam derivatives whose values were inflated on the cooked books because the SEC didn’t bother auditing and regulating these swaps. They didn’t follow the paper trail, they didn’t investigate and they did nothing to punish what was a small tumor which grew into a cancerous body that killed the whole financial system of the world.

What exists now is a system where anyone can open and call themselves a bank. Unscrupulous lenders can make up their own rules and no one regulates their practices or scams.
The US will not recover until the US government takes responsibility for the absolutely vital area of its financial system which is the life blood of its vitality and economic growth.

Until the banks are trusted again, and are trusting in their borrowers the conscience of the US markets will continue to ride a dangerous roller coaster for the next several years.

Since the US government is now using massive amounts of tax payers as lending capital which was supposed to be injected into the lending system it stands to reason that “ownership” of the banks that are hoarding the cash. It also makes sense for the personnel that started the “Ponzi Derivative” scheme be removed from there position for their failure to protect the interests of their customers.